I can only tell my story: HOPE through Cancer

My theme this year has been HOPE and HEAL Image

But I think I’ve spent more time whining, complaining, and arguing than sharing hope. I’ve decided that when I do post for the rest of year it needs to only be stories of hope. Here’s my first story for you.

You probably know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. You probably know someone who is younger is doesn’t seem to seem to winning their battle against cancer this side of heaven. They may be a parent of young children.You may be questioning why God is allowing this to happen.  You’re probably praying fervently for this person to be healed. You’ve probably been down this road too many times. Maybe you’re the one fighting cancer. Maybe you’re worried about what will become of your family when you’re gone. 

I can only tell my story. I’m one of the kids that was left behind when a parent was taken away seemingly to early in life. I myself wondered what would become of my and my brother, who would take care of us, how would I ever even learn how to put on makeup with my mom gone at age 39. It was one of the most painful things that I have ever had to endure in my life.

I feel like you need to know I’m okay. I do wake each day with a certain level of pervasive sadness but even though cancer took my mom’s life it didn’t take mine. I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t be the person I am today unless my mother had gone to heaven when she did. Nothing has been peaches and roses especially the years right after my mother passed away. But all of it has been worth it. I know who I am. I know what’s important. I know what I value. 

I’m okay today because of the people God sent to minister to me even years after my mother’s death. Each phase of life brings the longing for my mother but each phase of life brings a gift from God to figure it out on my own. Losing a parent is devastating and many people have expressed their feelings of remorse for me since so much was taken away at such a young age. But what I have gained in this lifetime has more than filled the void. It’s also given me the focus that so much more is to come when I finally get to heaven. I have hope even when all hope seemed lost. 

I want to encourage you if you are fighting cancer or any other terminal disease and you’re worried about what will happen to your children to have hope. Have hope in your friends and family to surround your children with ongoing love and support. Have hope that they will not let your memory die.  If you are a child and lost a parent early in life, God can handle your anger, confusion, and grief. When you’re ready He will fill your life again with His peace and understanding. Wherever you are in the relationship and what ever stage of life you are in, I can just tell you from my story that trusting in God’s sovereignty and placing your hope in heaven and not this world can heal your broken heart. 

It's good talking with you.

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