36 Things I have Learned from my Grammy

ImageOn Friday January 24, 2014, my Grammy, Mrs. Elaine Cornett turned 100 years old. She had already lived a full life by the time I was born as her first grandchild. She has taken to calling everyone “honey” rather than struggling with names. But her eyes are still bright and sharp and kind with 100 years of life and experience behind them. She is my hero and one of my guiding lights. The list will continue to grow but here are 36 things I have learned from my Grammy, one of the most beautiful woman you could ever hope to know.



  1. 1. You may have to stretch but you can always find something nice to say.
  2. With rollers and hair dryers there is really no excuse for flat hair.
  3. Every woman should wear pink as often as possible.
  4. Grow flowers and plants that make people happy like mint and pansies that look like little smiling faces even in the winter.
  5. Families should come together for dinners regularly.
  6. Service to your community, your church, your party, and your country is expected and will bring you joy.
  7. Coffee, even nasty instant coffee, is to be offered and consumed from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  8. Given enough time, arthritic hands can massage away a migraine.
  9. Your positive words over a person have more impact and motivation than any negativity.

10. The most noble of professions is teaching.

11. Sing no matter at church. Even if you’re tone deaf.

12. Your family history and heritage are to serve as markers of where you have been and where you are going.

13. Laughter is the best medicine.

14. Wit, humor, faith, iron hard determination and stubbornness will get you through every seemingly impossible situation.

15.  39 years old seems to be the magic number. There’s really no reason to keep counting after that.

16. There is no reason for your education to ever stop once you leave the classroom.

17. All that is needed for organization, productivity, and communication is a rotary phone, pen, notebook, and desk calendar.

18. People are terribly important.

19. Children are terribly more important.

20. Music fills voids other things can’t. Have it playing all day.

21. Vegetable soup, cinnamon rolls, and cash are the best gifts.

22. Treat everyone equal but make them all feel like they are the only ones that matter.

23. You go out of your way to be a part of history.

24. Bring people together to learn and to celebrate.

25.  Books and newspapers are a part of daily living.

26. Loyalty to your party, even if they are a yellow dog, brings more unity across the nation.

27. Live simply. Keep things clean…because of ants.

28. There’s not a whole lot of reasons to miss church.

29. If you out live your friends you make more friends. If you out live your siblings you love other people’s siblings. If you out live your children you love on other people’s children.

30.  Generosity is a given. You give all you have and don’t have favorites.

31.  Bad things happen. And then you move on.

32. When you’re ready to go, you go early. When it’s time to leave, you drag it out and wave goodbye even after they can’t see you anymore.

33. There can be a positive place for not telling the truth.

34.  Turning down sweets but then going ahead and eating them may add 30 years to your life. But only if you drown it in 3 gallons of black coffee.

35. There is no better state than “Missourah” and why leave Audrain County except to visit 6 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

36. Love can be demonstrated in 1000 more ways than just saying three words of “I love you.”


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