How Cool Would Having Easter for Your Birthday Be?

I have odd thoughts in church sometimes. I can’t figure out the birthday of The Sparrow’s Nest. Is it when I accepted God’s call on July 21, 2010? Is it when we got our 501(C)3 on November 21, 2011? Is it when we signed for the house on July 25, 2013? Or will it be when are allowed to open?

I really wish it could be Easter (but why oh why does the Easter date have to change all the time).

I think Easter encompasses everything I want for Sparrow. New life. New hope. New beginnings. Becoming as close to Christ as we can in one act. 

Today I got to see again so many people surrender to God’s voice and accept Him in baptism. I saw shock in the eyes of family members as they saw a brother, or a son, or a cousin stand up and resolutely say “yes, this is what I want.” I saw tears of joy as young couples were baptized together. I saw the eyes of those who have been held down for too long with loneliness, disappointment, or loss rise up out of the water with the burden replaced with peace and joy. I saw children baptized with the knowledge they were just making God happy by being obedient. I saw relief, surprise, happiness, and celebration all rolled up in one.

That’s what I want to celebrate more than anything at The Sparrow’s Nest. Birthdays and celebrations of lives turned to Christ just so we can get a little glimpse of heaven to at least tide us over for now. 

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