The responsibility replaces opportunity sometimes

Around 11:30 p.m. last night I was walking from Legacy Park to where I had parked my car at the Cottleville Post Office. It’s maybe a four block walk of the ten or so that are available in super safe although not so sober Cottleville. I had many offers for rides to my car including one last ride on the hay tufted tractor which I turned down because I just wanted to walk.

And it’s not so much that I wanted to walk for exercise or for escape or to see something new at night I just wanted the time. I didn’t want to have to be somewhere on time, or because someone told me to be there, or they needed me to be there or because it was a good use of time. I just wanted the time for me.

Last night was one of our first clear crisp fall nights. Most of the crowd had left the Fall Festival. As I walked was aware of a happy group a couple blocks behind me also making their way to their car. I noticed VB’s was still hopping. I registered a local band still playing at the Wine Seller. I could count the cop cars as I passed City Hall. I pulled up my pace a little bit when I noticed a college looking car not noticing me in a cross street. I could see the streetlights warming up the cool night but all too soon I was at my car and couldn’t come up with a responsible reason not to get into my car and drive back home. But I wanted to keep walking.

Just to see. Just to not have to be somewhere. Clear the mind and think or not think thoughts. I wondered when I could carve out time just to walk and not be held to a clock. What could I cut out or add to to make just walking around a possibility? Even just walking the dog is a chore as in his puppyhood I’m jerked to a stop for every acorn, trash smell, or rock. I didn’t even need to be alone. I would have gladly walked with my DH or any of my children. I guess I’m to the point of anything not behind a wheel of a car or a second hand would provide some peace, a slowdown of pace of life. Just to see what we could see. Of something unplanned or previously unnoticed or unexplored. The responsibility replaces opportunity sometimes.

What other opportunities do we walk away from because we don’t take the time?

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