A Baby’s Prayer

Our team spent some beautiful time in prayer together this morning. So often we pray for babies and unborn babies. Each person prayed over specific areas of The Sparrow’s Nest. Volunteers, staff, physical resources and facilities, board members, residents, donors, and our supporting churches were lifted up.
Our houseparent’s baby was present during the prayer and was very vocal.
I was overwhelmed by this 10 month old’s prayer. Do we allow, do we expect babies to pray? In his tone I heard the same questioning, the same frustration, the same open communication with God, the same comfort of being held in our parents arm while receiving nourishment.
I was struck again of how often we try to silence children in church and other public situations. We have this preconceived notion that their very valid vocalizations, their cries, their squeals, their questions, their giggles are somehow inappropriate during corporate times of prayer and worship. My mind then jumps to how ironic it is for pro life Christians to fight for the voice of the unborn to be heard but the lengths we go to to keep them silent in our churches.
What did Jesus say again that the kingdom of God was like?
My heart cracked when I realized how much I want our prayer time together at The Sparrows Nest to be filled with mamas standing in prayer with us and rocking their babies. I want those babies’ prayers to be heard just as much as I want my prayers answered. I don’t ever want any baby to ever feel like a inconvenience for any reason at The Sparrow’s Nest.
Have you ever heard a baby pray? What do you think God heard?

It's good talking with you.

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