I just wrote what…?

Little boys locked behind false walls. Ferguson burning. Friends fighting leukemia. Friends unemployed. Teens beating another human being with hammers. A dear friend dying unexpectedly.

Life is hard right now. I am weary. My mission is taking everything I have to make something good happen. It’s the holidays. I am tired behind my eyes. I just wrote a eulogy for dear friend’s Scott’s funeral. I just wrote what…?

I need some frivolity. I need some goofiness. I need permission to laugh and it be ok and not disrespectful or irreverent to the situation(s) at hand. I try to egg friends on to get me to laugh and it’s like they are walking on eggshells around me. I need the goodness of life again. Of art, and music, and memories, and good tasting food. I need to laugh until I cry and my stomach hurts.

So do me a favor, leave a comment here of something good you’ve seen, something that made you laugh, not at someone but with. Leave a joke, leave a yummy recipe or better yet a link to order something yummy because my cooking skills are somewhat lacking. Spread some joy

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