There just hasn’t been enough light to write

It’s been hard to put two to three words together. There is enough sadness, stress, and forced cheeriness to go around. Anything I started to write sounded cliche-ish and horribly appropriate for the times. Suddenly I don’t want to be timely. Timeliness seems to coincide with trendiness which seems to walk hand and hand with the word “relevance” and those are all things that irk me right now. I don’t want to be like everyone else. But I don’t want to be one of those people that is trying too hard not to be like everyone else. But it was uncomfortable to not say something but hard to find the words.
Writing has been like mucking through the muckity muck in the dark. There just hasn’t been enough light allowed in to write.

But then it’s one of those really simple phrases that suddenly opens up all the things you should write about because they are relevant and timely to you.

My dear friend Nikomas was preaching on the Creation today. You will be able to listen his sermon here probably by tomorrow He said many strong and profound things and even brilliantly slipped in a reference to Bob Ross. But there was a point I had not pondered on in a very long time or now that I think about it, maybe never.

God created light. Before there were sun, and moon, and stars.
Genesis 1 tells us God created light on Day 2. The sun and the moon and the stars were not created until Day 4. This is mind blowing! Where did that light emanate from? Why have I brushed over the significance of this? Do you realize what this means for me?

That even in the darkest of days or for now, just the grayest winter blah days without much energy or movement there is the possibility, the opportunity for light without the physical matter of sun and moon, and stars. Because of God’s creation we can see prior to the sunrise and after the sunset. When the path appears to be a black void there is the still the miracle of light.

It’s horribly cliche-ish and somewhat timely and relevant (therefore painful to write)
Are we looking for the light? Are we assuming there is no light or limited light that has lost its value? Rather are we choosing to see the light present around us? It’s not about seeing the light at the end of a tunnel or about being drawn to the light. It’s not dissecting reflection versus refraction. It’s not for light in the artificial forms of blinky Christmas lights or Advent candles lit by us, but the very presence of God, the energy and form and matter of the creation of God radiating from Him.

It's good talking with you.

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