Is there a gender gap in math?

I don’t pretend to be math fool. After a certain point, spreadsheets make me cross-eyed. But I do like to dabble in research. I find cross-referencing statistics within the same domain to be very enlightening. While speaking slightly tongue in cheek here, I would love to hear your constructive thoughts and opinions on the data I found this morning from a few different sources. I know there seems to be a gender gap in math, but is it just me or do the numbers just not match up here? It is the year 2015, right? I wouldn’t want to “worry my pretty little head” too much over this. 

1. 2013 Census reports 50.8% of the population as female

2. The Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers reports women currently hold 19.4% or 104 of the 536 seats in the 114th U.S. Congress, 20% of the 100 seats in Senate and 19.3% or 84 of the 425 seats in the House of Representatives.

3. Since 1884, approximately 70 female candidates have  failed to receive their parties’ nomination.

4. 71.4 million women reported voting in the 2012 presidential election as compared to 61.6 million men.

5. Two women have won vice presidential nominations of the major parties.

6. With more than two centuries of presidential elections 0 women have become president.

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