We are all actually annoying life sucking beings

It’s been somewhat of a recent self-discovery that I am a introvert with bursts of extrovertism rather than the other way around. I dislike the feeling of lonliness but I seek out times to be alone.

On purpose, I meet a fair share of people every day.

On purpose, I retreat a fair share of every day away from people.

I will honestly say the list of people I would choose to be around everyday is relatively short. I am working on that. I know I need to build more tolerance and grace.

But I will say almost everyday I have a conversation with someone that I leave wishing I had more time to sit and chew the fat with them. I want them to do most of the talking me just to listen and say things like “hmmm.” I would like more time to just sit in silence with them and be totally comfortable in that space. They absolutely fascinate me with some facet of their personality or their lives or they choice of career or faith or music tastes or tastebuds.

As annoying or life sucking as we can all be I still hold true that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I know I drive people crazy with my inconsistent flightiness balanced with ridiculous intensity. I don’t like schedules but checklists make me very happy. I think that”s where are frustrations with each other. We don’t take the time to learn about each other and realize that the pieces that don’t fit the preconcieved puzzle we have about each other are not the scary annoying parts but more it’s the parts about us that get really really interesting.

In October (the really intense intentional) part of my self is scheduling lots of time with friends and people I wish were friends or who are already friends and time has just gotten the best of me. I just want to sit and chat and drink some sort of beverage (the presumed flightiness of me).

This is one of those things I need to document because I don’t want time to slip away and good intentions to just stay good intentions.

What have you learned about folks lately? Have any good intentions you want to make good on?

It's good talking with you.

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