Six Reasons Non-Profits Fail, Reason #4: Obsession with Percentages

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This article depicts so many of my frustrations and challenges in running an efficient and worthy nonprofit.

Passionate Giving

“It sounds like you’re cooking the books,” I said.  And the executive director went absolutely nuts.  I wasn’t surprised because I had been in this conversation hundreds of times before.  But I had to tell it like I saw it.  Plus, it’s a topic that is very troubling to me for all the reasons I will explain in this post.

“Cooking the books” is a phrase used in the commercial world that, essentially, means changing the relationship of numbers in the financial records of a company in order to present a different “face” to the state of the company.

Putting the best light on it, “cooking the books”, is a way that businesses make things look better than they are in order to appease stockholders.  Stated more negatively, “cooking the books” is a buzzword describing fraudulent activities performed by businesses in order to falsify their financial statements.

So, you can…

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