Why I follow

Some of the coolest people I have never met are my imaginary friends on Twitter. This is why I’ve decided to start writing about a few of them under this title of “why I follow…”

I don’t have a really solid, thought out reason for why I follow the people I follow on social media. Most of them I just find witty. Sometimes it’s just because they followed me first and when I asked them a random question they actually responded. Admittedly, some are from a networking and influence standpoint. Some just appear to like the same books, or music, are possibly addicted to coffee or express some passion that I do as well such as faith, or kiddos, leadership, pro-life issues, or community service… Some just seem like genuinely nice people whom I would enjoy sharing a cup of coffee.

Tammy Hodge is one of my imaginary friends. I don’t remember when or why I started following her but I am glad I did. I briefly met her one time when visiting her church in Nashville. She’s written a powerful book called And Now I Choose that any one in pregnancy help ministries should read.

She is a source of true encouragement with her courage in respectfully sharing her convictions, opinions, and truths lovingly and with kindness. She’s not out to build any other platform other than sharing the truth of the horror of abortion. She shows a woman that is madly in love with her husband and fiercely loves her children. She’s got a wicked sense of humor and doesn’t take herself to seriously. She’s drop dead gorgeous inside and out. She’s making a lasting difference in this world just by sharing her story.

We are probably technically strangers but I know when I reach out to her for prayers over young women facing an unplanned pregnancy she acts right away. We can message and chat for a bit like people who hang out all the time but in reality we never have. Tammy Hodge is a powerful woman with a humble heart and voice and this is why I follow Tammy Hodge. She is one of my heroes.

It's good talking with you.

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