No More Excuses for Creating Good Things

There are just a few things I need to clear up before we talk about why you are holding out on everyone.

1. I’m nothing special. I am awkward and if something can be messed up I will mess it up. I don’t have any incredible skills that you can’t learn in a book or by observing someone else do them over and over again. But I am overtly responsible and possibly guilt driven so I will do what I can to make a bad situation better.

2. I am only kinda smart. I often describe my brain as a multiple reel to reel editing room dictated by dot to dot designs. I have a lot of odd thoughts come in my head and at really inopportune moments. I can’t and I don’t typically dismiss the thoughts. I tuck them a way or act on them right away or start someone else thinking on them so they aren’t lost.

3. I deal in extremes and I don’t tend to fight that. I’m either wired completely awake or weirdly narcaleptic asleep in your car. I don’t have a lot of in between feelings or emotions. I’m really really happy or really really depressed. I swing from passionate tears to barely smoldering raw anger. The phrase “I don’t care” sends me over the edge. I use these gifts of real feelings to get things done.

4. Details work themselves out without me usually. Time is relevant, agendas can be tossed, minutiae will reveal itself if needed. Most of the time I just need to throw out what I can do on my own and then the really talented smart people in the world make it what it needs to be to be helpful and useful. I like checklists just to prove my worth.

The only reason I say these things about myself is to dispel any myth you have allowed to be created around you. You, me, we were all created to make Good Things. Whether in business or in social services or in art or in the media or in music or ministry or simply helping one person get from here to there for them to create good this is our purpose. And most of you need to make it on a grander scale than you are currently reaching.

If you’re a holding back because you think you aren’t good enough to or smart enough or talented enough or connected enough or don’t have enough to time well, join the crowd. Anybody is billing themselves as all that, ain’t.

Maybe you holding off because your scared. We all are. Anybody who has started anything did it out of fear. They were compelled by snakes in their heads saying “but if I don’t do this, who will.” Most Good Things are created from leaps of faith not calculated plans.

But maybe you are holding off because you are lazy. To that I say stop making excuses, stop being self centered and go make a difference. You didn’t even come up with the idea yourself. You were blessed with the innovation and ingenuity. Don’t waste it for goodness sake.

The time we are on this planet needs to be for good. We are surrounded by sadness, disappointment,  grey walls closing in all around, anger and violence. Don’t give up doing good. Don’t give up pushing back on the status quo. Let’s go create some Good Things.

What are you dreaming about these days? What is breaking your heart that you need to help? What next level are you looking at from down below? What are you ignoring that just won’t leave you alone?


It's good talking with you.

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