Why I Am Anti-Hamster Wheel 

The current presidential race is more than angst producing for me. Every election seems to be reduced to choosing the lesser of two evils. However, this year has me thinking I may have to cast my lot with Vermin Supreme. He has divine hat choices and I’m particularly enamoured but his platform of using zombies on giant sized hamster wheels to solve the energy crisis. 

Vermin doesn’t seem to be the only one stuck on giant hamster wheels. 

One of things that irks me most in life is watching people spin their wheels. They are just stuck in motion and in time. Usually by their choices and circumstances. Sometimes by handing control over to someone else. It’s an overused phrase but their untapped potential is really setting the rest of us back from having a really cool time on this earth. 

A dear friend challenged by brain tonight by asking me to explore what my legacy will be, what is my true passion. The word I cannot escape is UNSTUCK.

My purpose is to somehow provide a line of questioning that allows folks to come to their own conclusions about how to keep moving through this life at a somewhat consistent click. My passion is to somehow provide people a way out. It may be a way out of words that have been spoken over them that are not true but somehow become truth. It may be providing a way out from a situation where they have been taken advantage of. It may be pointing the way towards a path of more resistance but greater reward. It could be sharing tried and true business strategy. It may be providing a different perspective from the seemingly safe one that is holding people back It may be by providing resources and human capital to reach any where from financial freedom to just out and out safety. 

Whatever it may be I believe this is my driving force. To either try to be the caution sign for folks getting off track or a sort of AAA car service who may be stranded. 

It's good talking with you.

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