4 More Letters to Me, Part 2

Dear 28 year old me, 

You are going to lose yourself for a bit. Those anxiety attacks at age 6 that never really go away are rampant at this stage. But you come out on the other side. You are coming to a stage where you need a reason for living outside of yourself. It’s going to challenge everything you think you know about yourself, about your childhood, about fears you still have for not measuring up. It will be a time of nulifying those false prophecies of untruths  spoken over you and created by you about never being enough. Emma, Sam, and Alex will become your reasons for living.

Love, Me

Dear 36 year old me,

It’s time to hit a new stride. Things are about to get CRAY CRAY! You need your health, your fitness, your diet, your self image, your mental health, your drive, your focus to come point and center. Everything you have experienced and learned up to this point is about create a vision you have never even imagined. You are going to be sick to your stomach in a really really good way. Hang on for the ride. God really loves you.

Love, Me

Dear 42 year old me,

You are going to sit in hospital rooms and drive your parents because they are no long able to. Yep, do the math. They are only in their 60s. Take your health and fitness to a new level. Protect what God has created. Don’t abuse it. Really explore this concept of your body being a temple. Don’t view this as a corpse you are dragging around until you get to Heaven. God wants you to have abundant life now so you can serve and love those around you.  Take this blessing of this life and this body in whatever form it is in. Yes, the spider veins will make you more self- conscious than when you were 13. Yes, the belly never seems to completely go away. Yes, the gray hairs stick out like unicorn horns and yet the black hairs are starting to sprout in the oddest places. Take care of yourself. But don’t rip your dad a new one when he makes fun of your bags of broccoli and raspberries you brought with you to take care of him.

Dear 68 year old me,

Remember the Spring of 2016. Wear. Your. Flippin. Hearing Aids. How was your run? Did you enjoy the steamed broccoli in orange juice? Did you send your grandkids copies of your favorite books growing up? Don’t worry if the publisher isn’t asking you to come come to book signings anymore. There is a time for everything. I’m sure that world map is covered in pins from adventures with your twuwuv. Are the middle schoolers at church still letting you worship with them? Stay young at heart and goofy. Color. Be kind with your words. Run away from adultlings. The future sure is bright.

Love, Me

It's good talking with you.

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