Does he hear my heart?

I worked a shift at The Nest yesterday. I didn’t want to. My husband is on a long trip and my youngest is struggling with just me. He prefers both mom and dad at the house with him. And I already work long hours during the week and often have to be gone at night away from my family for events and volunteer meetings. I didn’t want to work on a Sunday but you do what you do for what is best for all.

Erica took Chi to her apartment so she could spend a few hours cleaning before her move in on Wednesday. Then Erica ran errands for Chi’s Launch Party at The Nest last night. I stayed back to be with the littles, clean the kitchen, and mop and vacuum the floors. Little #2 woke up not happy from his nap. I would carry him on my hip while I steam mopped and vacuum those darn Nest floors. But to change rooms, I would have to put him down to unplug the mop/vacuum, and move it and then pick him up again. He would bury his head in my neck after screaming to be picked up and commence to “sup-supping” as he calmed himself and settled into my vacuum rhythm.

After the third room change he had just about had it with being put down, picked up, settled, then put back down again. I finally relented and turned off the vacuum. I sat down on the couch to soothe him more solidly. Those dark moon eyes glared up at me again when he realized we had changed positions. Anticipating being put down again he started to gear up the fountains. When I didn’t sit him on the floor but instead sat on the couch cooing to him and gently rocking him while I rubbed his back he let a out big sigh and then did a beautiful thing.

He placed his little chubby hand on my heart.

He tilted his head to the side in curiosity as he seem to connect to the beating of my heart. Then he placed that little head on my chest and seemed to listen to my heart. His body released whatever tension or stress he was experiencing and he settled into my arms. Tears suspended. And all was finally well in his corner of the world.

I whispered to him, “do you hear my heart little one, do you hear how much I love you? Do you hear I would do anything to protect you and fight for you? Do you hear from God why I love you so much? Do you know at this early age how much God loves you? Do you know the battle that raged around you before you were born? Do you know the miracle you are to even be here today? Do you know how important you are? Do you know that God has great plans for you to make a huge impact in His kingdom? ”

He lifted that little head and those dark wise eyes stared deep into mine. And then he head-butted me, leaving a schmear of snot on my cheek. To wrap up our intimate moment he spit up on me and then used me for the next 30 minutes as a brutal jungle gym.

Such is life. But life is good. The work is hard. But the work is good.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6


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