An expectation of peace

I don’t actually know where Stone Temple Pilots got their name. If I give some thought to it, my mind conjures up some cross between Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark and the closing scene of Casablanca. I’m not really sure why I think of two iconic movies to relate to a thrashing about harder edge rock group like Stone Temple Pilots. It’s sort of the same thing with their song Sour Girl. I think  Sour Girl came out around 1999. Pretty sure the lyrics don’t mean what I think they do. However my heart is always drawn Matthew 4:19 with

What would you do?

What would you do if  I followed you?

What would you do if I follow?

I have climbed to the top of some temple ruins but I have never been inside a temple. But I imagine solitude, order, and an expectation of peace. I imagine in some parts it would be ok, socially acceptable if you will, to weep and wail and tear sackcloths. However I have read during the actual Temple period,the temple in Jerusalem had an inner room called the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. This was where the Presence of The Lord resided. The Holy of Holies could only be approached once a year by a priest who had spent an extensive time in cleansing to make sure his sin had been absolved but even then he had to carry a blood sacrifice with him to ensure he was not struck dead by God’s holiness. With Jesus’ death and resurrection we receive the benefits of the final sacrifice, he now becomes the fulfillment of the temple.

I can’t say I have been entering the temple with a posture of solitude and an expectation of peace. I seem to continue on this path of constant stress and panic. I’m the crazy woman  wearing one rainbow sock, an antennae hat, and a trash bag dress running around the temple screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” I know Jesus in on the the throne reigning in his temple but I seem to just be running around his throne rather than approaching his throne with grace and confidence. I am so frenetic and spastic I can’t seem to see the abundant gifts in his hand he is patiently waiting to give me.

Mercy. Help. Wisdom. Confidence. Peace. Contentment. Discipline. Community. Rest.

The very things  I have been crying out to him for as I circle the throne rather than approaching the throne with confidence and trust that He is who He says He is and He does what He says He is going to do. Because He loves me. He loved me before I knew Him. So much so he was willing to be the ultimate sacrifice for me to approach the Holy of Holies.


Hebrews 4:14-16

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