11 ways I have to define myself right now.

By my choice, I am recently resigned and what I am calling retired. I am (quite painfully) trying to learn how to move through life through what feels like slow motion. Trying to figure out what the new priorities are, what needs to be on the to-do list, if there even needs to be a to-do list has me walking around my house in circles. Who am I? What am I suppose to be doing or not doing or waiting or preparing for are all questions that I keep tripping over. Do I enter stay at home mom hood again? Do I become a professional volunteer? Do I go back to school? Do I grow myself as a consultant? Do I wait for an invitation from…somewhere? I have been warned against my lists by a dear friend but I find the need to list the data and evidence I know I have right now.

  1. I must always start with who I am in Christ. Right now it feels a little like an awkward family reunion. I know I belong in this family but I have misplaced where I actually fall in the family tree. How am I related again?
  2. I am Robert Leroux Figgins wife of almost 25 years and he loves whatever version of me rolls out each year.
  3. I am the freakishly blessed mother of my reasons Emma Elaine, Samuel Hayden Escobar, and Alexander Hayden Escobar
  4. I love my church and student ministry
  5. I hope many people call me friend and understand I only need my tight circle of 4-5 dear friends.
  6. If the only thing I did in a day was read then it would be a very good day indeed.
  7. I find peace on water and in music.
  8. I am a frustrated messy who can’t stop buying clothes, shoes, or organizational gadgets.
  9. Health and fitness are critical to me most of the time.
  10. I love my house and the fact I want to change everything in it does not change that fact.
  11. I absolutely cannot stand to see people stuck in life by lies and misconceptions.

This is no where near comprehensive or complete or absolutely in order after the top 3 things but a just eleven things I know about who I am right now. I would love to hear how you define or how you have had to re-define yourself!


It's good talking with you.

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