3 Of the lovliest words

What if we…

I love these words when structured together. Simply…

What- creates a flexible framework for finding information. This translates to exciting exploration and ingenuity. Is there improvement? Is there history to learn from?

If– causes creative possibilities, accepted opinions, looking for new occasions or new conditions, but also inventing the contingency plan

We– this is the best part. This requires collaboration, a sense of benevolence and kindness, of how can we improve the world together.

Three little words filled with loveliness. How do you fill in the blank at the end? What are you wondering about for improving our world together to create peace and hope?

Health? Families? Transportation? Education? Technology? Music? Coffee? Travel? Language? Gadgets? Housing? Church? Leadership? Communications?

What if we…_____________________________.

Photo by Yousef Al Nasser on Unsplashchanging light pic

It's good talking with you.

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