The Scale Says I Blew It

My personal trainer is Connor Brown at Push Pull Performance. Fridays and Mondays are my agreed upon weigh-in days.  You may note that Friday always follows Thanksgiving. This week that is rather unfortunate. The scale says I blew it. I knew 20 minutes into the feeding frenzy yesterday that I blew it. I wasn’t enjoying the food. It could have come from a place of obligation but I think this filling and re-filling of my plate to try everything I thought I could eat falls into my FOMO hang-ups. What if I was missing out on something absolutely life changing glorious?!?! And I probably did but I was so uncomfortably overly full for most of the family gathering I can’t tell if I did or didn’t. This is one reason I wanted to go to a restaurant. One, because I would see the prices associated with the yumminess and perhaps that would rein me in. Two, I couldn’t keep going back for more and more. Maybe our family gathering next year should include a price transaction to slow down the gluttony.

However, my heart said I didn’t totally blow it.

I sat in one spot at a table with a rotation of my kids, nieces, and nephew floating in and out. We laughed, we talked, we moaned over our full bellies, we Snapchatted, we took odd selfies, we shared, we ridiculed, we played games, we made lists, we awkwardly compared flexibility and THAT was glorious. Surely that endorphin alone assists my fitness goals.

Monday will come and I will need to confidently climb up on that scale. So this is what my gut is telling me to do today. These are not mind-blowing activities. Just me slowing down, decluttering, and listening to my body.  Mind you, this doesn’t come from a professional, accredited, licensed health practitioner. These choices to me just seem the logical thing to do any day but especially after stuffing my mouth yesterday (did I even chew or did I just inhale???)

  • MOVE- From the sage advice of Reel 2 Real I need to move it. And move it more. So I plan on completing today’s workout, walk/run/shuffle to celebrate Nulik’s Black Friday Death March 39 Mile Run, walk the dog, and just not allow these extra pounds to increase my gravitational pull to the couch or my Thinking Chair.


  • Drink more water– I have no idea how to get this starch rock out of my stomach other than to drink more water. My skin is dry from too much salt and alcohol intake yesterday and I just feel the need to consume as much water today as possible.


  • Eat my leafy greens. You always feel better about yourself when you eat more veggies. The kids can have the leftovers. I will stick to smoothies, kale, broccoli, cucumbers today and maybe a piece of pie later today. Carbs just sound disgusting right now. Breads and sweets feel like I am tying on a concrete block to my waist and try to keep from drowning.


  • Be present for my family and friends. I already decided  I wasn’t participating in Black Friday sales today. I already don’t need any more junk in my trunk much less Crapulous in my house. I believe overeating and not exercising can push out the most important things in this life namely because you just don’t have the physical and mental energy that relationships require. Today I am going to visit some folks, cheer some friends on, play with my kids, and snuggle with my hubby.

This is today’s plan.

Because it is a new day.

And it’s a good day.

How are you recovering from Thanksgiving? Share below!


Photo by Crew

2 thoughts on “The Scale Says I Blew It

  1. Love the steps you are taking today. Mine are similar. I think as a society we put way too much emphasis on punishing ourselves for food choices. You made the choice, now own it and jump back on the saddle today! (Also, those pounds are just water weight. It is scientifically impossible to gain that much overnight! Which means that potentially…the scale could go back to normal by Monday. WIN!!!) Oh and one other thing…digestive enzymes. They are my saving grace for that rock in the stomach!

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