I cannot remain politely out of the conversation.

I don’t know how long I have put off writing this post. Maybe I was waiting for some elegant prose that would somehow not incite a riot. Maybe I was hoping there would be some semblance of reconciliation. But I was probably hiding. I need to say some things that a lot of people are not going to agree with. Then again, there may be a lot more people but for the wrong reasons. Maybe it will cause some stupid online debate where people lose all sense of reason and basic manners and hurl insult and painful comments over the wall without regard for the real human on the other side whom they have never met. Maybe people will ask me questions for which I have no answer other than “I do not agree, I have no solutions for the problems, I am afraid, none of this makes sense, we all need to be scared out of our minds.”

My brain is racing with too many what-ifs. I can normally compartmentalize, prioritize, then create a logical sequence of action. But right now there are so many points of data spurring me to join in the debate. I feel like so many parts of my identity have been cheapened in the past few months. My identity as a woman and as a Christian seems to be lacking. However, as a warrior, there is a certain code of conduct within me. I can’t pretend I don’t have determined aggressiveness especially when it comes to women and children. But as a warrior, I do not give myself permission to behave poorly or without honor. I keep being reined in by scripture that reminds me to speak the truth in love, to humble myself, the battle belongs to the Lord.

What follows may not have an exact logical sequence. It may read like I am all over the playing field. And I am. Because I am mad, scared, and feeling powerless. I am worried about the long-term ramifications of speaking my mind. But I need to speak out. I cannot remain politely out of the conversation. I know my place and it has always been to be a voice for the voiceless.

So here goes. <Insert a weak, knee knocking “Charge!”>

  1. Republicans continue to make grave mistakes that will cause irreparable harm for decades. Trump should not be our president. Roy Moore and others like him should not hold public office. As in the private sector, sexual offenders and abusers in the public sector should have swift and immediate consequences.
  2. Roy Moore, Donald Trump, and the rest of that gang are not pro-life. They do not respect all life. Their continued behaviors show they do not value women’s lives. We must stop pretending that they are men of upstanding morals. They need to be held accountable. I would never allow my daughter, myself, my nieces, or any other woman who I have influence over to be alone with the President. He and the people around him cannot be trusted.
  3. Christians must rise in love, courage, and truth. Anything said or done from a spirit of bigoted hatred is a sin and we must call each other out on that. For me, there is no justification for this continued movement of moral relativism based on power and position. Sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault are never, never, never, never, never, never, never justified. Whether they happened 40 years ago or last night. They are actions and crimes that need to have immediate justice.

So here’s the call to action:

If you haven’t been praying for our country, for the women and children who have been assaulted, for things done in the dark to be brought in the light, for our leaders to not just claim the right over Christmas but to have their hearts transformed by the meaning of Christmas then start right now.

Secondly, I urge you to write, email, call and sign petitions to every level of representation afforded to you and make your voice heard to have Roy Moore step down and begin the process of removing Trump from the office of President on the grounds of possible mental illness and dementia. I believe we need to be reminded that the people in office are our employees and therefore have a higher standard to rise to.

I can’t even begin to sort through all the ramifications if Roy Moore is allowed to skip into office without any consequences. Of how many other sexual predators will slip through the net based on this precedent? How will we document the moral decline of our country if Trump is left unchecked? What damage has he already done claiming the name of the Lord in almost mockery? These are just a few of the late night thoughts that haunt me.

If you need to respond to this post I will return to polite civility and ask you to do the same. Before you fire off a response, breathe, pray, push pause and then we can have a conversation. Do not attack people through this post. Thank you.

One thought on “I cannot remain politely out of the conversation.

  1. Write on my warrior friend! You speak for many who are in the same place as you and not knowing the words to share. I love you for your authentic self and for your courage to speak up!

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