I am repenting

I am repenting against my previous attacks towards New Year’s Resolutions.

And of making fun of people who make them but can’t make it past January 17.

The irony is I am extremely goal oriented. But more of a broad sweeping 30,000 feet LeT’s ChaNge The WOrld aNd DREam A Lot AnD DOn’t HoLd Me tO DEadlInes or METrics BeCause I wILl Get There When I get THerE On MY oWN TerMS USIng ComIC San FonT If I waNt To.

The problem with that mindset is what can I say I have actually accomplished on purpose rather than just stumble into something good. The second problem is how I can help other people accomplish their goals. It doesn’t quite stand up to the water test.

So my new resolution is to have sch-mart goals. This is pretty close to comprehensive but let me know if I have had a dream conversation with you, or you’ve heard me say “what if we…” and I’ll see if it fits this year. What is your big hairy audacious goal for 2018?


I will continue to volunteer at Harvester Christian Church Middle School Life Groups each week

I will continue to volunteer at The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home and bring lovely, successful women with me. 

I will participate in a weekly women’s bible study

I will attend Living Proof Ministry and Daybreak Womens Conference

I will complete 12 You Version devotionals

I will memorize 6 scriptures


I will go on daily walks primarily with my husband.

I will go at least 4 dates a month with my husband that are not community events/fundraisers

I will go on at least 6 “dates” in 2018 with Sam and Alex.

I will visit Emma at school at least two times in 2018

I will go out at least two times with Chloe, Lily, and Nicholas in 2018

Our family will volunteer together 6 times in 2018

Our family will plan a family vacation together for July 2018

Our family will cook 4 homemade meals together a month

I will intentionally teach my children manners, gratitude, and graciousness.


I will host 4 playdates for my preschool friends

I will go on a road trip with Kel before September 2018

I will extend at least 6 invitations for friends to come over for dinner

Community Involvement

I will raise at least $5000 for The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home in 2018

I will participate in Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build and raise $2500

I will attend at least 12 legislative events in 2018

I will participate in planning Athena Leadership Summit

I will attend monthly Vision events

I will collect 20 auction baskets for Vision Gala by April 1, 2018


I will launch Tandem StrategyWorks with Kelly Ross Kerr in January

I will finish writing Servant Leadership Book by March 30, 2018

I will join Athena Leadership


I will continue setting a monthly budget and track all expenses

I will save every $5 bill that comes into my personal possession

I will continue to clean out each room/closet/area of our house a month

I will not buy anything clothing, shoes, accessories for myself for at least the first 40 days of 2018

I will set up savings accounts for Sam and Alex by January 15, 2018

I will explore young investors clubs and make a decision by February 2, 2018

Fitness/Health/Mental Health

I will lose 5 lbs by January 30, 2018

I will lose an additional 5 lbs by February 28, 2018

I will switch from drinking 64 oz of coffee every day to 64 oz of water.

I will exercise at least 40 minutes 16 times a month

I will take a full day off social media at least one day a month

I will join a CSA and purchase from farmer’s market at least 6 times in 2018

I will practice learning Spanish 30 minutes a week

I will read 30 books in 2018

I will get a 3D Mammogram in April 2018


I will visit 6 National or State Parks in 2018

I will attend 6 local live concerts in 2018

I will travel to Guatemala and meet Alex’s birth family

I will kayak on the Current River with Sam

I will visit 6 St. Louis Museums in 2018

I will glamp in at least Missouri


I will finish painting the kitchen by January 30, 2018

We will finish painting the stairwell by January 30, 2018

I will replace all the heat register covers by February 28, 2018

I will recover my Thinking Chair by March 30, 2018


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Photo by NordWood Themes


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