Simple Pleasures

I don’t appreciate the snakes in my head. They feed on discontentment. Which is like a carb festival in my mind and soul. Today I have a simple list of the top ten simple pleasures I have experienced just today to re-center myself in a place of peace and contentment. I would love to hear what brought you joy today!

10. Fishing on a quiet pond this morning

9. My Morning Glories shining in a gentle summer rain

8. Chewing on kale straight from my garden

7. Making my daughter beam with a compliment she was not expecting

6. Swinging in the backyard

5. My step-mom bringing a loaf of homemade zucchini bread

4. Taking a load of junk to Goodwill

3. Driving around doing my errands with the sunroof pulled back

2. Someone letting me know they were thinking about me.

  1. Holding my next door neighbors three day old baby girl.

It's good talking with you.

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