State of Love and Trust

I had a delightful conversation today with a new friend about how creativity and innovation must have an environment of love and trust to grow and be the change it needs to be in the marketplace.

I got to thinking about where in life is this statement not true?

  • If a child doesn’t have love and doesn’t trust their caretaker they cannot grow.
  • If a spouse does not feel love and doesn’t trust their spouse they cannot grow.
  • Close friendships, long-term commitments, neighbors will end in conflict if there is no love and trust.
  • If communication between our co-workers does not have some level of love and trust this leads to a stilted dysfunctional work environment.
  • If an organization does not have love and trust they will not meet their collective goals.
  • If a church does not have love and trust they will not have a congregation.

All of these relationships can exist without trust and love for a time. But they will all start a quick descent into decay. I can’t think of when love is more important than trust or trust more important than love. I think we have been led to believe we cannot trust someone if we don’t love them. I firmly believe we have to start from a place of love for every relationship we have. It’s vital to be able to have a starting point of love.

I think we need to “listen from both sides of a friend.”



It's good talking with you.

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