If you could only say five things…

One of my goals this year was just to simplify life. Live with less to be able to do more. Spend less time constantly moving my stacks of everything. Have more time and space to breathe and not worry about things falling out of my life much less out of my closet. Although I have had a lot more time to tackle those projects it still isn’t really my biggest drive. I can find a ton of other things to fill my time rather than cleaning out my car, my closet, my shoe collection of sad and neglected heels I must bid adieu. I still just want a magical organizing/cleaning fairy to come in and do the dirty work.

I definitely find time to read about simplifying life. I read blogs, articles, and books like nobodies biz. You would be proud of me. I also haven’t bought any actual hard copies of any that organizing stuff. All online baby. No added crap to my already bulging bookcases and desk(s). This week I finished the book Simple Ways to Be More With Less by Courtney Carver. I was struck by the idea of minimizing the clutter in our inbox. She makes a simple suggestion of keeping our emails in five sentences. FIVE SENTENCES! What a dream world for me!

But then I looked back through the last 5 emails I sent and although I was to the point there was a lot of fluff I could have eliminated.  How do you say what you need to say without being too pointed? But then I got to thinking if you could only say five sentences every day what would you choose? 

If I did an audit of today’s sentences it would only include a lot of directives.

  • Pick up your trash. 
  • Don’t leave that there. 
  • It’s time to go. 
  • That needs to be checked off the to-do list now. 
  • You need to spend less money. 

If I could only say the same five things every day I hope it would be more reflective of how I truly want to live my life. Love God, Love Others, Be Loved, Give Love. Here’s a go of what I hope would be some combination of my five allotted sentences.

  • God really really does love you and there is NOTHING that you can do to change that. 
  • In my eyes, learning from your mistakes, owning up to what you can, makes me love you more than all your successes combined. 
  • Thank you for loving me in spite of myself. 
  • How can love be our first response today? 
  • Please forgive me. 

I want to throw in things like “Yes, tater tots really are my love language, can I hug you, have you had enough water today, what made you laugh today?” But what they hey, this is what I’ve got today.

If you could only say the same five sentences every day, what would you say? sports-ground-531919_640

It's good talking with you.

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