When does it stop?

I am spitting out sentences and questions today.

22 killed in El Paso. More than two dozen injured.

9 people killed in Dayton. 26 injured.

7 people killed in Chicago. 46 injured.

The St. Louis murder count now stands at 203 after four deadly shootings in North City this weekend.

When does it stop?

It seems those in charge are allowing this to happen to “thin the herd” of undesirables.

We can’t become numb to this. 

We can’t stick our heads in the sand.

We can’t retreat in fear. 

And I can’t stop thinking about it. What if they had come after my son? What if my family had been in any other discount store shopping for school supplies? 

But what can be done to systematically dismantle white supremacy?

But how do we disarm hate without becoming hateful in return?

I don’t need any more political rhetoric. I don’t need any more twisted news taking sides. I need information and education. And I think you do too.

Will you join me in a very pragmatic discussion? Can you curb your opinions and supply real information about how we truly make a difference as drastically concerned citizens and patriots? Can I remind you ahead of time of the need for decency and at least manners towards each other as humans? Can we spend more time talking about what can work rather than what can’t work? Can you join me in halting placing the blame to find real solutions of love, grace, and mercy?

I need information about what has changed white supremacists hearts and minds. I need information on policy changes that have deterred and successfully thwarted domestic terrorists.  I need information about communities that have come together to collectively pushed back hate crimes.

Proceed in peace, please. For the sake of us all.

Zen stones

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