A return to the inkwell

I have a healthy obsession with words. I have always loved how sounds make letters, letters make words, words make sentences, sentences eventually make a story. I have a lot of words and questions and stories in my head. They just haven’t had a chance to make it out of my head lately. However, they start to bump into each other, cross over in meaning and confusion. This blog has always been a place for me to be heard. Even if just to myself.

So now we have a return to the inkwell. The Rabid Mime will return as a brain dump, a place to stimulate creativity, and a place to think a little more clearly. The thoughts will often be half-baked. I hope they will leave enough for you to ask questions, to challenge me, to pushback, or occasionally agree. Posts will range from my faith, my politics, my purpose in this life, my family, my sense of social justice and service, my health, reflections, gratitude, and a smattering of creative outlets of prose and poetry.

I have cleared off my desk and I am ready to begin…again. Desk Pic

It's good talking with you.

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