30, no actually, 81 Things That Make Me Smile

This list took some doing. I had to really think about what I really like. I found some inspiration on my Pinterest page, my Spotify account, and my IMDB page which help create a list of 30 things that make me smile. After that the things that make me smile started just pouring out. Comment below if you can relate to any of these but be sure to leave a note of what makes you smile as well!

81. Listening to new jazz album all the way

80. The Rock and Kevin Hart

79. Baby goats wearing pajamas

78. Observing kids, families, folks of all ages and sizes use local parks

77. Funky socks

76. Watching videos of friends singing twang-ey country songs off key

75. Watching teen moms get mentally, spiritually, and emotionally strong

74. Any art form done well

73. Breakfast and coffee at diners

72. Meeting new people all over the world from all walks of life

71. Pretending that dogs could talk and what they would say

70. Outdoor country music concerts

69. Climbing into fresh clean sheets and under heavy quilts

68. Going through old photos and memories

67. Massages

66. Baby belly laughs

65. Reading anything and everything

64. Waving at firetrucks

63. Fire- candles, fireplaces, firepits

62. Getting handwritten letters or gifts in the mail

61. When it’s sunny out but raining, or sun peeks through a storm cloud

60. Christmas crafts with Kel

59. Seeing a full moon or a new moon

58. Watching my husband practice one of his hobbies such as Spanish or drawing

57. hiking the same trail through different seasons

56. Catching fish and taking them on the hook myself

55. Time with my nieces and nephews

54. Well played sarcasm

53. Dancing with my girl tribe

52. butterflies and rainbows

51. Bantering and arguing with someone who will not choose to be offended

50. When my kids doing something kind or helpful without being asked

49. Slightly inappropriate innuendos and jokes

48. Eating breakfast any time of the day or night with dear friends

47. Re-watching any Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Sherlock Holmes

46. Holiday traditions

45. Making and sending playlists to friends

44. Sighting deer, cardinals, or red-tail hawks

43. The National Anthem

42. Travel adventures with families and friends

41. Sound of rain on a window at night

40 Creative uses for tater tots

39. Nighttime skies next to bodies of water

38. Eating vegetables right out of the garden

37. American cheese and saltines

36. acapella singing in perfect harmony

35. James Corden Carpool Karaoke

34. Random phone calls from friends

33. Gracious feminism

32. People who will keep an inside joke running for years

31. Excellent manners

30. Parades

29. Watching my kids excel in their talents

28. Taunting people about my holiday rules

27. Digging in warm soil

26. Watching a groom see his bride for the first time as she comes down the aisle

25. Finding a “new” used book store

24. Watching any sunset

23. The sound of water slapping a boat

22.  Healing myself or others holistically

21.  Any underdog story

20. Listening to babies find their voices

19. Little kids trying out inventive spelling

18. Videos from space

17. Playing with a puppy

16. Crocus peeking through the snow

15. Driving fast on flat empty country roads

14. Playing on swings

13. Videos of servicemen and women surprising their children when they come home

12. 80’s hair band ballads

11. Warm summer nights with good friends and cold beer

10. Competitions with myself to run faster, climb higher, paddle further, pedal longer

9.  Walking barefoot in sand or soil

8. Anyone singing “How Great Thou Art.”

7. Nighttime drives through the river bottoms with the windows down and the music loud

6. Good hot coffee in a diner mug

5. Witnessing anyone finally accomplish a goal after failing many times

4. The smell of cinnamon

3. Listening to myself explain anything that includes numbers

2. Chocolate and peanut butter

1.  Witnessing grace




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