I’m okay with the phrase “it’s okay to not be okay”

This started out as a simple facebook post. But the words kept coming. And it’s been a hot minute since I published anything on my blog. So here we are. Grab a cup of coffee and your Carissa/Llama Translation Guide.

Another “Follow Carissa’s Thought Process” post:
Good stress and Bad stress.
Chronic stress and motivating stress.
Lifelong stress and moment-in-time stress.
Trauma, emotion, childhood events, words spoken over us.
Perception and reality.
How physical wounds heal and how emotional and soul wounds heal.
The fearful and wonderful creation of our minds, bodies, and souls.

These are some of things I have been thinking, praying, journaling, and pondering about for months if not years.

Through the incredible help of Navigation Counseling Services, LLC, my beautiful therapist Caroline Raposo, continuing to wrestle through prayer with God, and talking a LOT more honestly with friends and family ( sorry not sorry to those around me who have gotten an earful or a text-full of late). I have inched forward towards understanding myself more, why I feel so deeply that it hurts most days but also drawing nearer to God to better serve all those I love.

Stress is a sneaky little bugger. When you are a highly driven, highly motivated, individual which can also be translated into a “never-good enough” person you tend to feed on stress. Some stress is good. In short spurts with resolution. Lifelong stress, chronic stress that you didn’t even realize you had incorporated into your cellular level. Yeah, not so great.

I am learning to listen to my body. Listen to 4-year-old Carissa’s body as well as 49-year-old Carissa’s body. I am re-learning to connect body, mind, and soul as I believe my Heavenly Father intended.

Part of that is recognizing when stress is no longer a positive motivation and when it has become a glaring flashing warning sign. It’s amazing how oblivious I can be to frenetic, red-light flashing signs in life. I found this very simple list on stress.org (super easy website to find 🙂 I am wondering if you also have some stress warning signs that you should spend some time working through. I wonder if you also have some effects of stress that are impacting your mental health and physical health like me. I’m okay with the phrase “it’s okay to not be okay.” But there is so much more. There is healing, There is hope. Let’s love each other enough and love ourselves enough to not accept not being okay.

Time Urgency

Physical Stress Effects
Life/Work Satisfaction

Life Events

Isaiah 40:29 (NIV)

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

It's good talking with you.

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