I’m probably not what you expected.
I’ve been married for 27 years, and about 19 of those we count as happy. I have 3 children whom I claim most of the time. I’m soft spoken but sassy. I believe in grace but like to fight. I strongly believe in health and fitness but can easily be talked into tatertots and a beer(s). I love being extraordinarily feminine (translate my closet is collapsing under the weight of clothes and shoes, glorious shoes) but I seriously enjoy hiking, kayaking,  fishing, and I sometimes have a hard time not cussing. I’m a girl crazy in love with God but I’m a top-notch sinner. Sarcasm is my love language.
The Rabid Mime is about giving myself a voice. I write about what I see as a leader, how I see God moving through prayer, dreaming, intentional parenting. encouraging folk to move past fear into action, loving our community, and trying to make sense of the world. I’m the Founder for The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home.

I’m hot and cold on posting. Most weeks… or months… or years you can count on 2-3 posts.
As much as I hate it, I’m probably forgettable. With all you have going on you probably won’t remember to come back to this blog. Make it easy on yourself and subscribe. Check out my archive for content.
I tend to talk even if no one is listening so follow me on Twitter and facebook and you and I can have all kinds of neat conversations. I can even talk at your event. Email me at carissafiggins@gmail.com and we can talk about my availability.





It's good talking with you.

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