The Scale Says I Blew It

My personal trainer is Connor Brown at Push Pull Performance. Fridays and Mondays are my agreed upon weigh-in days.  You may note that Friday always follows Thanksgiving. This week that is rather unfortunate. The scale says I blew it. I knew 20 minutes into the feeding frenzy yesterday that I blew it. I wasn't enjoying … Continue reading The Scale Says I Blew It

The Goal Is Simple

I'm a Y kid. I was a Y baby in fact learning how to swim. I remember playing softball for the Y, a sport I had no experience with, and realizing I could crack it between 2nd and 3rd but on the flip side if I was playing shortstop not a whole lot was going to … Continue reading The Goal Is Simple

Sexy Back 11 Update #2

This was a weird week and I am so late on my sexy back update.  I totally lost my groove and fell back into survival mode at least on eating. I was so busy with work and trying to keep up with all of my kids summer activities I literally forgot to eat a lot … Continue reading Sexy Back 11 Update #2

Sexy Back 11 Update #1

I admit it. I signed up for Sexy Back 11 two weeks ago but I've really just finished my first week. My starting weight (I can't believe I'm making this public knowledge!) was 170 and I'm 5"9' 1/2. Most calculators say I'm a healthy weight for my height albeit inching past the point of health. … Continue reading Sexy Back 11 Update #1

So a wuss, a diva, and a stubborn wench walk into a bar…

I'm a messy, creative, flighty type who abhors being labeled or put in a box with the exception of schedules. I have 3 calendars. To not know what is suppose to happen next sends me into cardiac arrest. It can literally keep me awake at night if I didn't look at my calendar the night … Continue reading So a wuss, a diva, and a stubborn wench walk into a bar…