LUV Doctor

Conversations have never come easy for me in the fact I don’t have a lot of filters. I decided when I was younger it was better to keep what I was really thinking to myself but then cloak what I did say in thinly veiled passive-aggressive sarcasm and humor. That unconscious tactic often put me … Continue reading LUV Doctor

The Top Three Things I have Learned About Curiosity.

Jeremy Nulik and I were recently asked to facilitate a workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership to the current class of Vision Leadership St. Charles County. Nulik and I make a precocious pairing. I am charmingly pragmatic. Nulik is the sublime futurist. After many many conversations, phone calls, brainstorming, a viewing of the Mr. Rogers documentary, an actual … Continue reading The Top Three Things I have Learned About Curiosity.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. This is me.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at the Athena Leadership Awards Luncheon. The Athena program exists to support the development of women in leadership roles. I was very impressed to see quite a few men in the crowd! The Planning Committee had asked me to incorporate this video about Keala Settle stepping out during a … Continue reading Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. This is me.

Is there a gender gap in math?

I don't pretend to be math fool. After a certain point, spreadsheets make me cross-eyed. But I do like to dabble in research. I find cross-referencing statistics within the same domain to be very enlightening. While speaking slightly tongue in cheek here, I would love to hear your constructive thoughts and opinions on the data … Continue reading Is there a gender gap in math?

How To Accelerate Your Organization in 2015

In recent months, in addition to my role with The Sparrow's Nest,  I've become certified as an Associate Presenter for Predictable Success​, an organizational growth and leadership development consultancy. In that role I conduct keynotes and workshops to assist senior leaders determine how to balance structures, process and people to keep their organization in the prime growth … Continue reading How To Accelerate Your Organization in 2015

Why I am not a human GPS

As I mentioned before Les McKeown’s Predictable Success workshop is intended for 2 or more individuals trying to move an organization from Point A to Point B with accelerated, scalable growth. These organizations can be corporations, small businesses, churches, and cause based agencies. I wrote about the importance of knowing who you and whose you … Continue reading Why I am not a human GPS

Why We Are Not Vampires

I’m returning from New York City where I attended a fascinating one day workshop with Les McKeown. Author of Predictable Success and The Synergist. The purpose was to help really anyone in an organization get from Point A to Point B. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about the actual experience as I have … Continue reading Why We Are Not Vampires

I ran away for …

I ran away for a little bit today. My head was cluttered. I couldn't prioritize. I was spinning my wheels as my head raced. I didn't know what to start first. I started and stopped 10 different tasks.So I played hooky. I ran to Creve Ceour Lake, rented a kayak, and headed somewhere... as … Continue reading I ran away for …

If I got hit by a bus today

A few members of our team have shared some interesting conversations and follow up emails last week. The main subject is if I die. In and of itself this topic is a bit disconcerting. But, we were mostly talking about properly sharing and storing passwords to our bank accounts, document storage, and other important pieces … Continue reading If I got hit by a bus today

“I’m Not A Leader; I Just Play One On TV.”

"I love helping leaders like you." "You've been included on a post entitled 55 leaders who in 2012 will RT and Forward your material." "I'd love for you to come speak to our group about leadership." "You're the ED, it's your call." These are a few of the statements I've heard in the last few … Continue reading “I’m Not A Leader; I Just Play One On TV.”