Not all who are lost should be found right away

Ok, true confession. I know it stresses some of you out that I hike by myself. Particularly on new trails, I haven't explored. Sooooo, I feel like you need to know I did it again today. And look! It turned out ok! I am still here to tell you about it! No bear got me. … Continue reading Not all who are lost should be found right away

No Pain No Gain

I had a sign above my bedroom door that I would hit almost every time I went through it that said NO PAIN NO GAIN! Memory is starting to fail me but I think we had this above the door leading out to the gym of the girls' locker room at Springfield-Parkview High School too. … Continue reading No Pain No Gain

State of Love and Trust

I had a delightful conversation today with a new friend about how creativity and innovation must have an environment of love and trust to grow and be the change it needs to be in the marketplace. I got to thinking about where in life is this statement not true? If a child doesn't have love … Continue reading State of Love and Trust

I am repenting

I am repenting against my previous attacks towards New Year's Resolutions. And of making fun of people who make them but can't make it past January 17. The irony is I am extremely goal oriented. But more of a broad sweeping 30,000 feet LeT's ChaNge The WOrld aNd DREam A Lot AnD DOn't HoLd Me … Continue reading I am repenting

Make Room For Good Things To Begin in The Nouns Of Your Life

Trust the Lord with our WHOLE heart and do not try to reason our way out of that place of safety and sanctuary.

The Scale Says I Blew It

My personal trainer is Connor Brown at Push Pull Performance. Fridays and Mondays are my agreed upon weigh-in days.  You may note that Friday always follows Thanksgiving. This week that is rather unfortunate. The scale says I blew it. I knew 20 minutes into the feeding frenzy yesterday that I blew it. I wasn't enjoying … Continue reading The Scale Says I Blew It

Still include in the better yet ideal return home

The ideal return Home still includes someone's eyes lighting up when you walk through the door or better yet meeting you at your car door with an back breaking embrace already starting so you can't begin to get out of the car but not staring through you with resigned disappointment not seeing you as you come … Continue reading Still include in the better yet ideal return home

Invisibleness for Self-Preservation

I'm struggling to get out of bed these days. I can blame it on daylight savings time. On this particular morning I could blame it on the spring rain darkening and calming my bedroom even more. I can't seem to bounce out of bed at my typical 5:15-5:30 a.m. when normally I  wake up before … Continue reading Invisibleness for Self-Preservation

There just hasn’t been enough light to write

It's been hard to put two to three words together. There is enough sadness, stress, and forced cheeriness to go around. Anything I started to write sounded cliche-ish and horribly appropriate for the times. Suddenly I don't want to be timely. Timeliness seems to coincide with trendiness which seems to walk hand and hand with … Continue reading There just hasn’t been enough light to write

Everyone is saying good bye to Scott Johnson tonight

By some weird twist of infection and illness we all have to say goodbye to Scott Johnson tonight. Scott is one of my lifelong friends. And I'm lost right now. I don't understand. I don't want to understand. And I hurt. And I'm mad. And I'm not ok. I met Scott is at the Fassnight … Continue reading Everyone is saying good bye to Scott Johnson tonight