Make Room For Good Things To Begin in The Nouns Of Your Life

Trust the Lord with our WHOLE heart and do not try to reason our way out of that place of safety and sanctuary.


6 Tips For Men In Perilous Times

The nervous giggle. The awkward non-hug. These are just a few indicators that our male counterparts have no idea how to maneuver through all the sexual misconduct cases emerging. This is a really important point in time. Women AND Men need to keep being brave and keep speaking the truth. However, we are starting to … Continue reading 6 Tips For Men In Perilous Times

The Scale Says I Blew It

My personal trainer is Connor Brown at Push Pull Performance. Fridays and Mondays are my agreed upon weigh-in days.  You may note that Friday always follows Thanksgiving. This week that is rather unfortunate. The scale says I blew it. I knew 20 minutes into the feeding frenzy yesterday that I blew it. I wasn't enjoying … Continue reading The Scale Says I Blew It