When does it stop?

I am spitting out sentences and questions today. 22 killed in El Paso. More than two dozen injured. 9 people killed in Dayton. 26 injured. 7 people killed in Chicago. 46 injured. The St. Louis murder count now stands at 203 after four deadly shootings in North City this weekend. When does it stop? It … Continue reading When does it stop?

Not all who are lost should be found right away

Ok, true confession. I know it stresses some of you out that I hike by myself. Particularly on new trails, I haven't explored. Sooooo, I feel like you need to know I did it again today. And look! It turned out ok! I am still here to tell you about it! No bear got me. … Continue reading Not all who are lost should be found right away

Of course in the face of tragedy

Of course, it is human nature when tragedy strikes that we collectively ask "why." Why did this happen? Why didn't someone do something? Why would God allow this? I know I have asked a million questions over the past few days after receiving a horrific call telling me that Taylor was gone. I have tried … Continue reading Of course in the face of tragedy

Dear Princess,

Dear Kayleigh, How is it possible that you are two years old now? It seems just like this morning I was holding after you made your less than three-minute labor into the world. It's probably weird to hear this but did you know I was dreaming about you three years before you were even born? … Continue reading Dear Princess,

LUV Doctor

Conversations have never come easy for me in the fact I don’t have a lot of filters. I decided when I was younger it was better to keep what I was really thinking to myself but then cloak what I did say in thinly veiled passive-aggressive sarcasm and humor. That unconscious tactic often put me … Continue reading LUV Doctor

“What’s the word hummingbird?” – an actual text from Molly this week

I have a habit of migrating outside first thing in the morning and I guess most times during the day, and I suppose the night as well. I am a magnet to open spaces given to me in my backyard, my tree sounds, my frog choir, even the bugs chattering are welcome as long as … Continue reading “What’s the word hummingbird?” – an actual text from Molly this week

No Pain No Gain

I had a sign above my bedroom door that I would hit almost every time I went through it that said NO PAIN NO GAIN! Memory is starting to fail me but I think we had this above the door leading out to the gym of the girls' locker room at Springfield-Parkview High School too. … Continue reading No Pain No Gain

If you could only say five things…

One of my goals this year was just to simplify life. Live with less to be able to do more. Spend less time constantly moving my stacks of everything. Have more time and space to breathe and not worry about things falling out of my life much less out of my closet. Although I have … Continue reading If you could only say five things…

The Top Three Things I have Learned About Curiosity.

Jeremy Nulik and I were recently asked to facilitate a workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership to the current class of Vision Leadership St. Charles County. Nulik and I make a precocious pairing. I am charmingly pragmatic. Nulik is the sublime futurist. After many many conversations, phone calls, brainstorming, a viewing of the Mr. Rogers documentary, an actual … Continue reading The Top Three Things I have Learned About Curiosity.

State of Love and Trust

I had a delightful conversation today with a new friend about how creativity and innovation must have an environment of love and trust to grow and be the change it needs to be in the marketplace. I got to thinking about where in life is this statement not true? If a child doesn't have love … Continue reading State of Love and Trust