No time for ugly cries

We've all had those mornings when you're running around, trying to get breakfast made AND eaten, lunches made, permission slips signed, finding the backpacks, throwing in a load of laundry, loading up the dishwasher, getting kids out the door, etc. It's manic, it's crazy, and someone is always yelling whether it's me or the kids. … Continue reading No time for ugly cries

“Blessings” song terrifies me

Is anyone else terrified by this song yet oddly comforted? We pray for blessings We pray for peace Comfort for family, protection while we sleep We pray for healing, for prosperity We pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering All the while, You hear each spoken need Yet love us way too … Continue reading “Blessings” song terrifies me

Thank goodness for saltines, chocolate chips, wine, and butter

Thank goodness for sleeves of saltines. And bags of chocolate chips. And bottles of heart healthy red wine... and butter... because I'm just plain crabby and someone may still die this evening. I'm tired. The kids are crabby and tired. It's just been a long weekend. My husband gave a report about our trip to … Continue reading Thank goodness for saltines, chocolate chips, wine, and butter