3 Of the lovliest words

What if we... I love these words when structured together. Simply... What- creates a flexible framework for finding information. This translates to exciting exploration and ingenuity. Is there improvement? Is there history to learn from? If- causes creative possibilities, accepted opinions, looking for new occasions or new conditions, but also inventing the contingency plan We- … Continue reading 3 Of the lovliest words

It’s hard to sleep when you’re dreaming

The irony of not being able to keep my eyes open past 9:45 pm. is I have endured another night of staring at the ceiling. Another night of flip flopping, tossing and turning trying to find the best spot to fall back to sleep as I sing lullabies to myself. It's just hard to sleep when you're … Continue reading It’s hard to sleep when you’re dreaming

I could spend $10,000 Ten Thousand Different Ways

I dislike financial meetings. I don't like line items, systems, and set procedures. I stink at manipulating spread sheets. But I do like money. And I like fundraising. I like dreaming about what money can do instead of worrying about not having enough. I like demonstrating what I said money would be used for is … Continue reading I could spend $10,000 Ten Thousand Different Ways