4 of the most important words you will ever tell someone

I'm like a dryer sheet to a blanket when I find people that are really good at what they do and they are willing to share advice, experience, resources, whatever. I'll take whatever they are having. I want to sit at their feet, on their lap, look over their shoulder, listen in on phone conversations … Continue reading 4 of the most important words you will ever tell someone

Why We Will Re-Gift at Sparrow

I could go either way this time of year. On one hand I love all the parties and festivities. I love that for one time of the year the entire Earth seems to focus on the birth of  a baby. But I find it draining from all the expectations and requirements. I like Halloween. One … Continue reading Why We Will Re-Gift at Sparrow

Blessed With Burden

Hey God, It's going good. You continue to freakishly bless me. I don't have to tell you that I'm tired. Like really tired. Like fall in bed exhausted and wake up fatigued. It's been a long haul. So much more complicated than I could have ever imagined. I ask myself if I'm making it more … Continue reading Blessed With Burden

Waking Up With Hopeful Tears

Do you ever wake up from a dream that seemed so real you were convinced it actually happened? I just woke up with joyful tears running down my cheeks because of one of those dreams. I dreamed I was standing in front of the giant graffiti chalkboard I plan to have at The Sparrows Nest. … Continue reading Waking Up With Hopeful Tears

Please don’t tell me to stand still

I didn't wake up very rested this morning. Which usually means I was doing battle in my head all night. And because of a certain word tattoed on my mind's eye this morning I think I was wrestling with God, *sigh again. STAND This is one of the worst things in the world you can … Continue reading Please don’t tell me to stand still

Random thoughts on chicken faith

I have been given a vision. Clear as day. Yet I've only been given a pen light to see the path through the forest at night. The purpose is easy to see. Yet I walk by blind faith because the path is short sighted. My confidence is in the Father of my salvation. Yet I'm … Continue reading Random thoughts on chicken faith

Coming From Dirt and Red Kites: A Confession

I'm not sure why I'm surprised when I call out to God and He answers so poignantly. It has to be a reflection of how little faith I still have. In one breath I pronounce He can move mountains. But in my mind, I think "but maybe not for me, maybe not now, maybe not … Continue reading Coming From Dirt and Red Kites: A Confession

My Dirt Dream

Context: Ok, now when you’re reading this I need you to put it in the context of possibly you and I having a cup of coffee, there’s a slight, relaxed lull in the conversation and all of sudden I say: Oh my gosh! I just remembered this amazing dream I had last night!” Then it … Continue reading My Dirt Dream

11 things I learned in 2011 about starting a Non-Profit

I hear over and over again that I need to write a book about starting a non-profit from scratch and somehow becoming a full-time fundraiser at the same time. If I had time to breathe at all I'd be glad to do that. Might be a nice money maker for my non-profit. However, for now, … Continue reading 11 things I learned in 2011 about starting a Non-Profit

I could easily pass for the mentally ill

On the way home just now I just randomally pulled out in the turn lane and went around 3 cars that were waiting for a dump truck to turn. I wasn't angry or frustrated. I didn't realize it until I was pulling up at the light. I don't think I even checked for oncoming traffic. … Continue reading I could easily pass for the mentally ill