Leadership Lessons from Hole In The Wall Dives

Lessons in leadership can be learned just about anywhere if you’re looking to learn. My aunt and I watched two tv shows last night I had never seen. The first was “Restaurant Impossible” where Chef Robert Irvine helps turn around failing restaurants. The second was “Restaurant Stakeout” where Willie Degel uses hidden cameras to reveal … Continue reading Leadership Lessons from Hole In The Wall Dives

Texas A&M Ring Day

Today is Ring Day at my Alma Mater Texas A&M University. This is the day when thousands of Ags pick up their Aggie Ring. The oldest known ring was made in 1889. With very few changes the ring has remained relatively the same design. You have to be eligible for an Aggie RIng with your … Continue reading Texas A&M Ring Day

I Fear Mediocrity

It's not so much that I fear failure. You better believe I embrace that freedom. That's a major out right there for a imperfect human. No, my fear is mediocrity. Since I was a little girl, average or fair have been words that had negative connotations. Those words meant "nice try but no cigar." I didn't … Continue reading I Fear Mediocrity