Remembering Today

Thirteen years ago today I was where I spend a lot of time. Another training. My husband was where he spends a lot of time. Traveling for work. This time to Newark. Our 2 year old daughter was spending the day with my best friend. It's one of those days that I can pinpoint where … Continue reading Remembering Today

I used to be afraid of the dark

Like most children, going to bed use to be the worst time of day for me as a little girl because the lights were turned out and I had to almost close my door for my parents requirement. As a six or seven year old,  I can remember sneaking out of bed to sit in … Continue reading I used to be afraid of the dark

How Many Questions She Must Have Had

By this time that night how many times do you think she had counted his fingers and toes? As she held the red chicken legged being do you think she questioned his origin of anything holy? In between her body recovering from excruciating pain do you think she laughed at the absurdity of the situation? … Continue reading How Many Questions She Must Have Had

We are not alone, the Lord God is in our midst.

The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad? Alice Kingsley: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are. Part of my life feels like all the oddities in Alice in Wonderland. Drinking potions to grow too tall, shrink too small and have everything in constant topsy turvy.  I'm never … Continue reading We are not alone, the Lord God is in our midst.

If I had known would I have still done this?

God started me down a arduous journey two years ago. I was naive enough to think it might just be a long run. My runner's head thought I would just push through a few more rough miles on some unknown terrain but I could do that pretty easy. However, the conviction God put before broke … Continue reading If I had known would I have still done this?

3 Things I learned About Revolutionizing The World

3 Things I learned About Revolutionizing The World

Michael Perkins' blog, The Handwritten, has pretty much become my morning devotional. It's so simple and raw. A simple phrase or two and a scripture. But that simple phrase or two are so enchanting you are automatically drawn to the Bible to look at up that scripture. For me, there's no easy way out, like saying something like, "Oh he made a scripture reference, must be good stuff, no need to really see what it really says since it's in the bible." For me, there's a difference between simple faith and lazy faith.

This morning Michael posted "I am the Revolution." Matthew 28:16-20

I'll go easy on you and give you a little bit of the scripture. If you're like me and cannot memorize scripture references, at all.

This is where the stone is rolled away, the women meet the angel, and he tells them not to be afraid but that everything is going as planned, just as Jesus said it would. The woman are so excited they run down the path and run smack into Jesus and hold onto him for dear life with fear. Jesus with something like "stay close to me, but don't cling so tight you can't move. I need you to move to go tell my brothers the next part of The Plan." The chapter ends with Jesus undeterred by the priest's plans to malign the disciples, undeterred by his own disciples worship or fear, setting out the rest of The Plan.

The Plan was they were to Go.

Several things popped out at me.

1. The angel at the tomb told the women to quickly get to their task of telling the disciples what to do for the next part of The Plan. The women obeyed this command and yet a few steps into it they run smack into Jesus.

I wonder sometimes if we remember to do the same thing. That once we hear the call, and start running down the path, do we check in with Jesus? Are we running ahead, behind, or in pace with Christ on the path He's put us on? Are we brave enough to start running down the path laid before us or are we looking for side paths?

2. Jesus told the women they were hanging on for dear life to Him and that they should not be frightened like that.

I think there's a difference between clinging to Jesus as the source of Life and trying to suck the Life out of Jesus. What I mean by this is we can convince ourselves that we aren't ready for a calling, we haven't prepared enough, we don't have enough knowledge which are all just really nice ways of saying we're scared out of our minds. We're smart enough to know we need to stay really close to Christ but in reality we're trying to hide behind Christ. Jesus says we have nothing to fear, we need to get out and do what He said we need to do. 

3. The Plan was undeterred by evil nor by fear nor by disbelief nor by worship.

The last section of this chapter shows us Jesus had laser like focus on The Plan. His plan was for us all to go out and continually revolutionize the world with His love, grace, and mercy. He didn't have Plan B to thwart the soldiers and high priests. He was not distracted by the disciples who fell to his knees to worship nor what he distracted by trying to convince those who held back from worship. He laid out The Plan and expected it to be carried out by all who heard it. 

Have you started running down the path Jesus has cleared for you? Are you checking in with Him or are you clinging to Him in fear? Are you doubting The Plan? 

Let me encourage you to keep an eye on the guy out front. He's got it all under control. 

Hit In The Teeth

I got hit in the teeth this afternoon. By a group of individuals I thought loved me. And it knocked the breath out of me and knocked me to my knees. Isaiah 54:15 - If anyone does attack you, it will not be my doing; whoever attacks you will surrender to you. However, within minutes … Continue reading Hit In The Teeth

Most of The Time I’m a Huckleberry

I am normally an abnormally confident, self- aware, self-assured, exceptional woman, most of the time. I'm unusually soft spoken but I can also be loud and crass. I have a speech impediment. I used to hate speaking in public. But you should listen to me , most of the time. I am madly in love … Continue reading Most of The Time I’m a Huckleberry

A Few Non Sequential Thoughts Concerning Fear and Success

It's not that successful people are perfect. They still expect failure. But rather than letting it knock them down to the fetal position they get back up again and learn from their mistakes. Successful people expect great things to happen. But they know they will not happen all in the same time frame. Success and … Continue reading A Few Non Sequential Thoughts Concerning Fear and Success