Whatever. It’s a Headache. That’s all it is.

I've spent a large portion of February under the covers and sitting in doctor's offices. I've had a headache of varying degrees since about February 1. I go to bed each night willing my head not to be throbbing in the morning only to wake up and think maybe by the end of the day … Continue reading Whatever. It’s a Headache. That’s all it is.

Sexy Back 11 Update #1

I admit it. I signed up for Sexy Back 11 two weeks ago but I've really just finished my first week. My starting weight (I can't believe I'm making this public knowledge!) was 170 and I'm 5"9' 1/2. Most calculators say I'm a healthy weight for my height albeit inching past the point of health. … Continue reading Sexy Back 11 Update #1