Entertaining angels unaware

For the past three months we have been inundated in donations for The Sparrow's Nest earmarked in memory of Gail McCall. As far as I know I have never been blessed to meet this angel. I felt I needed to know more about this obviously deeply loved woman. I just got off the phone with … Continue reading Entertaining angels unaware

Sometimes I Wish I Didn’t

It would be really nice. If just for one day I didn't do it. It's not that big a deal but if I could go one day with out getting all blubbery cry baby over Sparrow that would be really cool. But today's no different. I started the day crying over all the people on … Continue reading Sometimes I Wish I Didn’t

I couldn’t say this prayer this morning

My devotional this morning had this prayer at the end; Lord, help me to always have the courage to not allow others to take what is rightfully mine. Help me to confront what is wrong with the truth of Your Word. Amen Now granted, I have not woken up in the best of moods after … Continue reading I couldn’t say this prayer this morning