Ashes from the 2020 Dumpster Fire

If you are a follower of my not widely followed publication of "The World According to Carissa" you are acutely aware of my aversion to speeding through life, skipping over tradition, and missing out on the here and now. This won't be a super popular sentiment but I am also not in favor of kicking … Continue reading Ashes from the 2020 Dumpster Fire

Elevate The Pumpkin Pie

Every August it becomes painfully aware to me that I live life according to a different rule book than most of the population. The title of this rule book says it all. Life Rules According to Carissa. Catchy. Memorable. A real page turner. I consider it the consummate addition to Emily Post's Etiquette. Every August … Continue reading Elevate The Pumpkin Pie

No Pain No Gain

I had a sign above my bedroom door that I would hit almost every time I went through it that said NO PAIN NO GAIN! Memory is starting to fail me but I think we had this above the door leading out to the gym of the girls' locker room at Springfield-Parkview High School too. … Continue reading No Pain No Gain

Two Step Game Plan for Handling Holiday Guests named Drangst

My perennial holiday guest has arrived a bit early this year. I can't say I wasn't expecting him. Or that I would have prepared any differently. When he arrives each year I'm not exactly clotheslined. It's more I succumb to being annoyingly suprised. I think I struggle a bit with his lack of respect for … Continue reading Two Step Game Plan for Handling Holiday Guests named Drangst