Elevate The Pumpkin Pie

Every August it becomes painfully aware to me that I live life according to a different rule book than most of the population. The title of this rule book says it all. Life Rules According to Carissa. Catchy. Memorable. A real page turner. I consider it the consummate addition to Emily Post's Etiquette. Every August … Continue reading Elevate The Pumpkin Pie

No Pain No Gain

I had a sign above my bedroom door that I would hit almost every time I went through it that said NO PAIN NO GAIN! Memory is starting to fail me but I think we had this above the door leading out to the gym of the girls' locker room at Springfield-Parkview High School too. … Continue reading No Pain No Gain

My Psalm

What can I say, God? Just when I think I have you figured out You reveal your majesty is yet another beautiful way. When my heart, mind, and soul seem to be in finally be sync for a moment to trust you, Your sovereignty is magnified more than I can comprehend. Lord, my desire is to be so … Continue reading My Psalm