Dear Princess,

Dear Kayleigh, How is it possible that you are two years old now? It seems just like this morning I was holding after you made your less than three-minute labor into the world. It's probably weird to hear this but did you know I was dreaming about you three years before you were even born? … Continue reading Dear Princess,

I cannot remain politely out of the conversation.

I don't know how long I have put off writing this post. Maybe I was waiting for some elegant prose that would somehow not incite a riot. Maybe I was hoping there would be some semblance of reconciliation. But I was probably hiding. I need to say some things that a lot of people are … Continue reading I cannot remain politely out of the conversation.

Christmas Card Tips to Help Teen Moms

The art of letter writing and card sending needs to be revitalized with you! Check out a few of my tips on how you can use a simple Christmas Card to help teen moms.

A Baby’s Prayer

Our team spent some beautiful time in prayer together this morning. So often we pray for babies and unborn babies. Each person prayed over specific areas of The Sparrow's Nest. Volunteers, staff, physical resources and facilities, board members, residents, donors, and our supporting churches were lifted up. Our houseparent's baby was present during the prayer … Continue reading A Baby’s Prayer