The responsibility replaces opportunity sometimes

Around 11:30 p.m. last night I was walking from Legacy Park to where I had parked my car at the Cottleville Post Office. It's maybe a four block walk of the ten or so that are available in super safe although not so sober Cottleville. I had many offers for rides to my car including … Continue reading The responsibility replaces opportunity sometimes

I ran away for …

I ran away for a little bit today. My head was cluttered. I couldn't prioritize. I was spinning my wheels as my head raced. I didn't know what to start first. I started and stopped 10 different tasks.So I played hooky. I ran to Creve Ceour Lake, rented a kayak, and headed somewhere... as … Continue reading I ran away for …

Coming From Dirt and Red Kites: A Confession

I'm not sure why I'm surprised when I call out to God and He answers so poignantly. It has to be a reflection of how little faith I still have. In one breath I pronounce He can move mountains. But in my mind, I think "but maybe not for me, maybe not now, maybe not … Continue reading Coming From Dirt and Red Kites: A Confession

Breathe easy my friend

Oxygen is pretty darn important. Were you aware if you are deprived of oxygen for just a few minutes brain injuries can be sustained? And even if a mild deprivation occurs we can experience lack of attention, poor judgment, memory loss and a decrease in muscle coordination? I remember one of my track coaches telling me … Continue reading Breathe easy my friend


I just returned from acting as a chaperone for our teen's Nothing Retreat at Camp Neotez. The idea is for the teens to just have a very relaxing time out in nature with no pressures no requirements no schedules. It's a time for them to either refresh from a very busy summer or to renew … Continue reading Searching

Ode to sitting still a.k.a I’m fried and think I can write poetry

The days have passed for sitting still and slipping away into pages of a suspenseful book Alas, I am begrudged with too many tasks. The days have slipped by for sitting still and silently observing yarn and hook weaved The timepiece moves quick and sly The days have slipped away for sitting still and slowly … Continue reading Ode to sitting still a.k.a I’m fried and think I can write poetry