It’s a lie to believe if we don’t get involved then we won’t be hurt.

I am sick and tired of babies being beaten to death. I am absolutely appalled of the abuse women endure. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. Albert Einstein How can we be so connected to people all over … Continue reading It’s a lie to believe if we don’t get involved then we won’t be hurt.

Where is God?

"Think too of all who suffer as if you shared their pain. " Hebrews 13:3 J.B. Phillips I'm not sure if tonight is a full moon, or maybe the barometric pressure is changing, or we got an influx of red dye no. 5 into our drinking water but there's some crazy things happening tonight within … Continue reading Where is God?

The Goal Is Simple

I'm a Y kid. I was a Y baby in fact learning how to swim. I remember playing softball for the Y, a sport I had no experience with, and realizing I could crack it between 2nd and 3rd but on the flip side if I was playing shortstop not a whole lot was going to … Continue reading The Goal Is Simple

Hey, I’m only human

Twitter and the like get a little prickly  when I can't remember my password. After so many incorrect attempts these sites want me to prove my "humanness." I have to enter those really squiggly,  odd security words like " gratuitous twit" and "azure veracity."  I think these are really just grandiose insults to my intelligence … Continue reading Hey, I’m only human

Tikkun Olam

I really like it when one phrase in another language can mean so many things in the English language. I think it's just crazy jazz that there are 15 significant lexemes for the word "snow" in the Eskimos language. I'm just messing around this evening and I am came across this Judaic term that has … Continue reading Tikkun Olam