A Baby’s Prayer

Our team spent some beautiful time in prayer together this morning. So often we pray for babies and unborn babies. Each person prayed over specific areas of The Sparrow's Nest. Volunteers, staff, physical resources and facilities, board members, residents, donors, and our supporting churches were lifted up. Our houseparent's baby was present during the prayer … Continue reading A Baby’s Prayer

Sometimes I Wish I Didn’t

It would be really nice. If just for one day I didn't do it. It's not that big a deal but if I could go one day with out getting all blubbery cry baby over Sparrow that would be really cool. But today's no different. I started the day crying over all the people on … Continue reading Sometimes I Wish I Didn’t

This Haunts Me

I can't tell you how much it haunts me to get a phone call like I did tonight. It's almost becoming too much for my heart to answer this question the same way. "Carissa, I have someone here that needs a place to stay. Are you open yet? Do you know anyone who has openings?" … Continue reading This Haunts Me