Join me in another mid-thought

I'm intrigued when potential volunteers approach me about serving at The Sparrow's Nest. We have the volunteers who at first could care less what they do as it is something to be helpful. Clean toilets? With gladness! Sort through seedy donations? Absolutely! Others don't really know what they want to do but they have a … Continue reading Join me in another mid-thought

If I got hit by a bus today

A few members of our team have shared some interesting conversations and follow up emails last week. The main subject is if I die. In and of itself this topic is a bit disconcerting. But, we were mostly talking about properly sharing and storing passwords to our bank accounts, document storage, and other important pieces … Continue reading If I got hit by a bus today

I could easily pass for the mentally ill

On the way home just now I just randomally pulled out in the turn lane and went around 3 cars that were waiting for a dump truck to turn. I wasn't angry or frustrated. I didn't realize it until I was pulling up at the light. I don't think I even checked for oncoming traffic. … Continue reading I could easily pass for the mentally ill