Why We Are Not Vampires

I’m returning from New York City where I attended a fascinating one day workshop with Les McKeown. Author of Predictable Success and The Synergist.  http://www.PredictableSuccess.com The purpose was to help really anyone in an organization get from Point A to Point B. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about the actual experience as I have more time to process all the incredible knowledge Les so graciously shared. I have 3 things I learned from this trip overall of reaching our goals. Today, I’ll talk through the first.

  1. We aren’t vampires.

When I arrived at the workshop, I picked up the mandatory name tent with my name nicely printed on the front. The narcissitic 7 year old side of me loves this because as a kid I never got to have those personalized cups or pencils because my name was so unusual. During the introduction Les had me re-tell the story that my name is not a typo and how one of my many nicknames is Noel. I went on to explain where I was from and what I did. Just exactly what you would expect.

An additional part of the workshop was spent going over four types of people represented on successful teams.  Not surprisingly, I have strong Visionary but also Operator tendencies. I dream big but I can usually also put those dreams into action if given a tight task list.

I think basic self awareness of our natural gifts and talents is very important. It can keep you from going down a road you really have no business going down but it can also reinforce the confidence you need to succeed when you know exactly who you and have sense of what you can accomplish because of who you are.  In the relational realm I know who I am as a woman, wife, mother, friend, or sister. I know the boundaries and limitations of those identities but I also reap the benefits and blessings of being Carissa Elaine, Mrs. Robert Figgins, or Emma, Sam, or Alex’s mama.  In the vocational realm, I know I am a educator, advocate, and somewhat of an social entrepreneur.  I have specific skills sets and bodies of knowledge that help me do my tasks but would not identify me as a firefighter or surgical nurse. Because I know who I am, I know what I am good at and what I am not good at.

Knowing who I am also transcends to the spiritual realm and dictates all the other identities I have as a woman. I am an adopted child of God, a baptized believer, a redeemed trainwreck, a person in need of continual grace, love, and mercy.  This identity is not only who I am but whose I am. I am a daughter of the King, bought and paid for. I belong to God and I am inseparable from Him. Every moment I try to stray from that identity I lose track of my final goal . Every time I try to attach myself to something separate from that eternal identity I lose of true piece of who I am.  I want you to see Christ when you look at me.

We are not vampires. We need our own mirrors but also the mirrors that others hold up for us. We need to be reminded of who we are so we don’t lose whose we are.  This identity keeps on track for our ultimate goal of heaven.mirror

How do you identify yourself?

Who would you say you belong to?

What tools or mirrors do you use to show you who you are?

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