I could spend $10,000 Ten Thousand Different Ways

I dislike financial meetings. I don’t like line items, systems, and set procedures. I stink at manipulating spread sheets. But I do like money. And I like fundraising. I like dreaming about what money can do instead of worrying about not having enough. I like demonstrating what I said money would be used for is really used in that manner. I like money that I don’t have to fill out 52 page grant applications. 

I like thinking about the possibility of winning the Epoch Award for The Sparrow’s Nest. I really like dreaming what we could do at various levels of money. Image

$500 prior to opening in November pays for three new energy efficient windows which also serve as fire escapes. After we open $500 would provide 5 days of safe and secure housing and care for a young teen mother. 

$1000 prior to opening in November pays for the hard wired smoke detection system. $1000 after opening in November pays for two weeks of groceries for our residents. 

$5000 prior to opening in November pays for the upgraded Heating and Air Conditioning System. $5000 after opening in November would provide weekly allowances for four teen age moms, programming on budgeting, savings, and investing as well as part-time staff to run the program. 

I could spend $10,000 10,000 different ways. $10,000 prior to opening in November covers bathroom upgrades in the house. $10,000 after opening in November pays for highly trained professional houseparents to finish out 2013 creating an environment that welcomes teen moms and empowers them to make positive life changing decisions for themselves and their babies. 

Part of the fun of going to our mailbox is receiving checks from people I haven’t even met yet. It’s more evidence to me that God will continue to bless us with exactly what we need when we need it . We know that if we continue to the course of fiscal responsibility and transparency while honoring and glorifying God in our actions we will continue to be blessed financially. My prayer is to win the Epoch Award to continue to show the world what God is doing through The Sparrow’s Nest. 

the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Psalm 118:23

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